New to the suburbs

Housing problem, now for many young families are paramount. Choose and not to be mistaken is the main problem. Many people already know what problems can arise when buying a new apartment, and give advice, I think just makes no sense. But still, there is an option, as buying apartments in new suburbs. Let’s consider what can be learned from this, in principle, not a bad option. To begin with, of course, factors that influence the formation of prices for newly built suburbs. Here, and two opinions can not be, it is really cheaper than buying ready-made flat, plus, a convenient procedure for installment payments. In any case, there is a good opportunity to save money. Home is said to have been happy, what else. Communication. Of course, the new is better than the old. When commissioning is particularly pay attention to this point. Problems should not occur. We should pay attention to the fact that this housing will not be exact gray schemes, and dubious history of transactions. A new, it is new. So, what to choose a developer must first of all, for his reputation, and has already finished and put into operation obektov. Vot so I suggest to pay attention to the company LLC “Horizon Development”. However, I think that everyone decides for themselves what factors are a priority when choosing an organization. But, not least, many point out, the full cycle of customer support to end-points, registration of property rights to housing. Prices. The prices are rather reasonable, but not dumping. Competition should be fair, which proves the developer. Pricing includes many aspects, but in any case involving a client is not banal. Transparency. That’s probably more an emotional moment, but when all the work on the object is visible at a glance, fall away all doubts about the choice. There are many articles on buying apartments in new buildings, each in any case, will determine for himself all the factors and indicators, but the opinion is an opinion. You successful, and most importantly the right decisions.